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Puppies Puppies Puppies....

Our 2020 waiting list is full at this time.​ Please contact us if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them. 

Thank you!

Please check out our frequently asked question page (FAQ) to learn more about placing a deposit, our puppy price, what your puppy will come with and, flying with your puppy if driving isn't an option.

We are also required to charge Minnesota sales tax to the purchase price of our puppies.

Available Puppies

--- Upcoming Breedings ---​

Ruby and Hook

 ​--- Upcoming Litters  ---​​

Betty and Dodger - Betty is due December 4th!!!!!

Sally and dodger - ultrasound confirmation pending

--- In The Nursery  ---​​​

​​Lola and Dodger- Lola had 7 blue puppies on October 12th. There are four males and three females

Pumpkin and Hook - Pumpkin had 4 puppies on October 20th. There is 1 solid black, 1 blue, 1 blue pied & 1 black pied.

DeVile and Hook- DeVile had 4 puppies on October 30th. There are 2 fawn pied, one male one female and 2 red fawns, one male one female.

Updated 11/25/20