Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us.  We have done our best to provide you with a healthy, happy and social puppy. 

We offer a 1 year genetic guarantee. We do not refund the purchase price; we will replace with a puppy of the same value. In such an event, the buyer shall provide the seller with a written explanation from a licensed veterinarian as to the nature of the problem. The puppy will be returned to us along with its registration papers at the buyer’s expense. We will then obtain a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian of our choice. If the problem proves to be genetic we will promptly send a puppy of the same value as soon as one is available. We will send a replacement puppy at our expense. To be eligible for our guarantee, buyer must take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 3 days of receiving the puppy. Guarantee does not cover any medical expenses incurred by the buyer, loss of time, or any other reimbursement. 

Your puppy must be paid in full including shipping costs by 7 weeks of age. If you chose to pick your puppy up from our home full payment is due at that time. Personal checks are not accepted at the time of pick up. All deposits are non refundable. If the unforeseen circumstance comes up and you are no longer able to care for your puppy/dog it must be returned to us, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties. The original purchase price is non refundable.

Buyer agrees that he/she understands this agreement fully. This contract will not be valid if there is no signature from the buyer. 

Please enjoy the new addition to your family!

​Thank you! Jen Merten & Family​.

Breed: [ ] French Bulldog    [ ] Mini Daschund                  Whelped on:______________

Sex [ ] Male    [ ] Female                    Color___________________________________

Sire: _____________________________________

Dam: _____________________________________

Purchase price $___________

A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $400 was recieved.

 Balance due at time of pick up : $____________

Buyer's Printed Name ___________________________________________________

Buyer's Signature  _____________________________ Date ____________________

Address  __________________________________________________


Phone Number  ______________________________________________________

Email ______________________________________________________________

Sellers Signature ____________________________________Date_________________

Puppy Agreement/Health Guarantee

Here you will find our deposit agreement that we ask you sign and send with your deposit, and also our puppy agreement/health guarantee that you will receive when you pick up your puppy. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding either agreement.

Deposit Agreement

Thank you for placing a deposit with us for you future addition. We are honored that you trust us in raising your next happy, healthy and well socialized puppy.

We require a $400.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy/spot on the waiting list. The deposit does go towards the total amount. We accept personal checks as a deposit payment or you can pay through PayPal. (You will be charged and addition fee of 4% if you pay through PayPal.)  Your deposit holds your puppy from the litter, which will be picked in the order the deposits are received. We understand that everyone has a particular color and gender that they would prefer but, with a multi-color litter, guaranteeing a certain color and gender is not always possible. We will do our best to match each family to the color and gender that is requested but, we ask that the family understand that those color and gender combinations don't always happen. In the event that we don't have what you are looking for your deposit is good for one year and can be transferred to the next litter.

I understand that the deposit made to Down Under Kennels, to reserve a puppy is non-refundable.  If I choose not to buy a puppy, no matter what the circumstances, my deposit will not be refunded.  The deposit may be held and applied toward another puppy for a period of up to one year. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, the contract is cancelled and must be re-signed with a new check.

Buyer’s signature: _________________________Date: _______________

Please provide the following information:

Address: ____________________________________________________


State:_______________________ Zip Code: _______________________

Primary phone:_______________________________________________

Email address: _______________________________________________

Gender Preference: [ ] Male    [ ] Female   [ ] Doesn’t Matter

Breed: [ ] French Bulldog    [ ] Mini Daschund

Color Preference: _____________________________________________

Puppy Agreement

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