Down Under's Lily Of The valley

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Pumpkin Pie Williams

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Our French bulldogs have cute wrinkles, great temperaments, very well socialized and are extremely loving. Our goal is to exceed the breed standards for temperament, health, bone structure and appearance.

Our French Bulldog puppies truly are an outstanding representation of the breed. Every litter of Frenchies is the result of a planned breeding with a goal to improve our own established french bulldog bloodlines.

Our Dogs


Sir Bentley IX

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Down Under's Pigs In A Blanket
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Down Under's Bougee Juju
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Carpathain Children Jana
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Maya Papaya Merle

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Down Under's Chips And Salsa

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Down Under's Bruce Wayne

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Down Under's Iconical Isla

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Down Under's Zoey Rae
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Seek The One Who Is not Meek

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​Down Under's Polar Vortex

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Down Under's Mustang Sally
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