Lifes Abundance Premium Health Food is made with select ingredients, including high-quality chicken and catfish meals, whole grains, nutritious vegetables and fruits, omega fatty acids and much more. We never use corn or wheat products and we never use artificial flavors or colors. With Lifes Abundance, you can be confident that you are feeding your dog advanced nutrition.

Lifes Abundance Premium Health Food - 8lb
Lifes Abundance Premium Health Food - 20lb
Lifes Abundance Premium Health Food - 40lb

Life's Abundance 

Life's Abundance has convenient home delivery and you never have to worry about running out of food on their Auto-ship program!

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Life's Abundance Premium Health Food For Puppies
& Dogs

Get your puppy off to a healthy start with a Life's Abundance puppy starter kit. Dr. Jane Bicks, Life's Abundance veterinarian formulator, chose each product in our Healthy Start Pack for a specific reason. Each pack contains Life's Abundance Premium Health Food to provide a good nutritional foundation and Advanced daily Supplements to provide the additional nutrients puppies need to thrive. Also included in our Healthy Start pack are Antioxidant Health Bars and Pork Hide Bones, which are safe and healthy treats and Daily Oral Care and Ear care Formula, which will help keep your puppies ears and teeth clean. To top it off there is Spa Scents Shampoo and Spa Scents Bath Fresh Mist, which will give your puppy a great looking and fresh smelling coat.

Congratulations and best wishes on your new bundle of joy! 

Puppy Starter Kit - 8lb
Puppy Starter Kit - 20lb

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