​Down Under's Amazing Eight

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--- Available Adults---


DPM Zacharys San-Dee Fawn Of JLS

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Monarch Ridge All That Glitz Gidget
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Down Under's Pixie Dust
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Down Under's Got The Hiccups
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Stella Slavianskiy Suvenir

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Down Under's Flap Jack

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Edie's-Sweetie Stella

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Akira Iz Doma Novosel
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DPM Rosies Little Red Genius
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Blue Angel
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Down Under's House Hippo
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Baily XXlll
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Down Under's Rousey Of DPM
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Down Under's Loch Ness

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Here you will fine our retired dogs that have contributed to our program with their fantastic personalities and genetics. They have made many memories with our family over the years. We feel so blessed to be able to find our retirees wonderful home where they get to enjoy fun adventures with their forever home.


Silversage Fig Newton Blue Jls

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CSK Bella Utella Me
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Kandy Slavianskiy Suvenir
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Euphrasinia Slavianskiy Suvenir

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(320) 290-3366   


Retired Dogs



Honeycutt's Daisy Mae

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We dont currently have any adults looking for a retirement home, please check back :)

Down Under's Mr. Muggs
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